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Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting back to basics

When I first started the Adventures of a Trapped 300 Pound Man, I wanted to focus on food and my relationship with it. The initial idea was to talk about culinary concoctions, great dishes I ran across and the struggle of keeping those pounds off.

It was very love/hate and it was all about conflict.

But with festivals becoming a new thing to me, all those recipes and interesting foods were pushed to the side (unless I found them at the aforementioned festivals). There simply wasn't enough time (or space) for both topics.

Well, there still may not be enough time, but I've found the space since I've moved the festival information to its new site at

At, you can read the same blog postings you remember with new ones being added as I continue to festival hop. There are also an archive map system and a HUGE 370+ festival listing to plan your own 2011 festival adventures.

You may possibly experience festival overload!

Meanwhile - here - I'll continue to entertain that 300 pound man inside of me as he tries to make his way out though Danishes, torts and ribs.

Perhaps I'll even entice you with a recipe I made for my birthday... this fine looking galaktoboureko.

Or perhaps you'd like to see some delicious dishes I've enjoyed out... the pork chop and frog legs you can get at Diso's in Lorain.

It's hard to predict how I'll express myself through the help of my foodie chromosomes. But, if you share some similar DNA, I can guarantee you'll enjoy it all the same!

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