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Friday, January 20, 2012

Contemplating Bloggers and Pizza

There's a part of me that really wants to be philosophical and express my feelings of community, of interconnectedness, and how all actions, events and people have definite reasons and purposes for being.

I want to share how blessed I feel, thanks to the wonderful people I've met through the Ohio Blogging Association's monthly meetups who have such varied and engaging interests that they blog about regularly.

I mean, how incredible is it to meet up regularly with such fine people who are similar enough (via blogging, interests) to relate and connect to, while still different and unique enough to build your curiosity and inspire conversation?

It's pretty freaking incredible!

And I think, after all these festivals, I've found myself having an intense appreciation for anything with a sense of community and solidarity... Wednesday's January meet-up at Whole Foods.

Here, Ohio bloggers came together in the food court area of all places (God, I love them!) to socialize...

...create our own individual pizzas... my pizza made with garlic/olive oil, mozzarella, ham, artichoke, eggplant, apple and (yes!) honey...

...and then circle around the tables like hungry wolves as we continued to socialize.

As you would expect, with everyone's particular tastes and all of Whole Foods' available ingredients...

...there was quite a variety of pizza that we got to try (we didn't only eat our own).

And, now, as I write this post, I realize how perfect pizzas were for us that night. They were, in fact, symbolic representations of ourselves and what we do!

For aren't blogs like giant sheets of dough (blank web page = pizza crust) that we decorate with different themes, interests, and subject matter (ingredients/toppings)?

We may use some similar ingredients at times, but the ratios are never the same, allowing each pizza/blog to be unique.

Go ahead and see this for yourself by reading through the blogs listed below of those present at Wednesday's meet-up. I know you'll find something you like and then you can simply thank me later...
And, for the record, pizza with honey on it is delicious!