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Monday, January 18, 2010

Bad Habits and Strict Dieting

I was a fat kid. Let me just let that off my chest.

So, deep in my grown-up fat kid's subconscious, there are learned eating habits that are bad bad BAD! And, once the grown up feels he is in the clear and in no danger of that fat kid coming around, the habits pick back up.

Lately, those bad habits have come into play.

And it's stupid stuff. A piece of candy here. Mindless chip eating. Perhaps a small "harmless" dessert. But they've been adding up and I feel it's been a tad out of control lately.

So today, I'm officially dieting and trying to be super-strict with things. Fingers crossed, I hope it works.

There was some dieting during the week this past week, which included a herring salad (which I don't recommend). It included German herring with the cream sauce (you can get it in cans) and roasted red peppers. Here's a pic...

This coming week will include some meat from the organic grass-fed cow recently collected and some ground lamb bought at the store. There's also lettuce, apples, egg whites, avocados, etc.

In fact, every work-day morning, I make an egg-white omelet, getting some hummus in there and avocado, if possible. It's an open perhaps you can call it an egg-white pancake. In any case, here is how it usually looks...

This morning, it didn't come out quite like this actually. I used a different pan and it stuck in spots when I tried to flip it over. So, in the end, it was more like scrambled egg whites and mashed avocado.

And now I try to keep in line with this healthy eating through the rest of it, careful to avoid all products with sugars and syrups and things of that genre. This week also includes some 30 minute fast walking to get about 2 miles in, not including the afternoon workout where I'll be starting the P90X today. I just need to stay focused and not eat out as much as I have been.

I need to stop making excuses.

And, speaking of excuses, I don't want to weigh myself until Saturday, especially after all the sushi I've eaten as of late. But I promise I'll do it then, in case there are people who really really really want to know.

Sadists. :-)

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