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Friday, March 25, 2011

Naked Sushi in Cleveland

Let me make one thing absolutely perfectly clear....!

I love nigiri and maki whether spicy, with fish, without fish, with roe, with mayo, with fried crunchies, or cream cheese. Some ingredients (avocado, eel, salmon, white tuna, fruit) catch my eye over others, but I'll pretty much eat it all. And I'm always looking for new ways it's prepared and served...

...even if that means Naked.

I've heard about Naked Sushi events in the past, but I've never had the chance to attend one. Mostly-naked models all painted up and set up as sushi serving plates? Why not! Sounds like fun!

I finally got to attend one when I read about a Naked Sushi event being put on by Stove Monkeys. It was only $15 bucks in advance and I knew I could eat enough sushi to make up for that....easily.

When Julia and I showed up at Liquid close to 8 pm, there were already plenty of people. We squeezed our way in and found a nice little spot...

...right here at the sushi-making station.

Topless, painted servers (two women) walked around with serving trays, offering things like salmon ceviche, pork-filled rolls...

...sushi rolls with mayo and eye droppers filled with soy...

...and sushi pushups consisting of roll pieces stacked inside.

All good stuff.

(I do apologize for not getting shots of the two servers, but it just seemed awkward to stop them and flash a picture at their breasts to post on the internet. You can try enlarging the other pics further down.)

The sushi was released near 9 as a voice sounded through the room. It was hard to understand him, but he did say something about girls in the front and boys in the back. I was more concerned about the sushi and followed Julia's lead forward once the curtain was drawn.

We made our way up 3 steps...

...and I only saw a little sushi at first...

...but, fortunately, there was an entire tray next to him...

...and chefs had plenty for filling them back up again.

Back in this room, there was only the one male model and I was a little confused. Would they "unleash" the sushi on the female models in other parts of the room that I didn't know about? At other times?

I tried not to think about it. Julia found a short ledge near the table where we could rest our plates and eat.

I happily ate my plate of sushi, realizing that this line really wasn't that long.

So I went a second time for more...

...but I never did pull any sushi off the model.

Maybe I wasn't that comfortable with pulling sushi off of people's bodies. Maybe that gap between him and the foodies meant there was a greater chance to drop the sushi with clumsy chopsticks or even poke him with clumsy chopsticks.

In any case, there wasn't a type of sushi on him 2 feet away that I couldn't get right next to me on the tray. So I played it safe.

After the second plate, I did a mental inventory of what I ate. Apart from the countless appetizers we ate before the sushi unleashing, I had at least 6 pieces of nigiri and a good roll or two. Easily $15 worth.

We were now ready to go...

...and that's when we found two female models at the front.

"Girls in the front and guys in the back"...that voice during the sushi unleashing was talking about where the models it all made sense.

I snapped a few more pictures on the way out..

...and felt a wave of satisfaction come over me.

I mean, look at us...

...we look crazily happy.

Well, I look crazy.



  1. Hi! Just found your blog on Twitter and wanted to say loved your write up of Naked Sushi. I enjoyed the event as well and so did my friends. Great food, as expected from Dante and Matthew Mytro :)

  2. I'm right along with Hungry in Cleveland: just found you via Twitter! I swung by the sushi event after the Emerging Chefs event and was very content to get my sushi on. You've got a great recap here! Looking forward to reading more in the future.

  3. Awesome story!!!! I loved reading it! tee-hee...sushi-dude. I wish he had wasabi nipples!