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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things that can change your life...or kill you.

This weekend, I ate a lot of food I probably shouldn't have, but there were two dishes I'm glad I did.

Both are dangerous in their own way.

The first dish is the Devils on Horseback, the one dish that grabbed my attention from the menu of The Greenhouse Tavern (Cleveland).

This is an appetizer of three bacon-wrapped dates (6 bucks) with almonds, bitter chocolate, and roasted fresno pepper. The sweet and salty is what I like best with this dish, especially with the bit of spice with the pepper. Small, flavor-filled and delightful. You have to remember that it's wrapped in bacon before making second or third orders.

The other dish is the Irish Nachos, which we got while trying The Unicorn Restaurant and Pub in Grafton.

This half-order ($4.95) consists of waffle fries topped with a swiss cheese sauce, scallions and corned beef. The mere description begged us to order it. And, as we slowly devoured it, we were completely spellbound - our hearts hardening with every chew.

Until it was no more...

...and our hearts fortunately kept pumping.

So we got to live another day to try other wonderful foods out there. But I need to remember these dishes so that I make better selections in the future.

I can't tell you how far off this diet I am. The 300 pound man is going to get out for sure!

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