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Friday, March 5, 2010

Sometimes because it's there....

Some of the world's best ideas were born from thousands of bad ones.

And perhaps this is one (of the bad ones).

In one hand, I some Chalet Creme Girl Scout Cookies that I really don't care for. The cookie is like graham/animal cracker and the creme is sparse. It does NOT come out to the edge like in the photo. Where's that honesty badge!?

In the other, I have a half can of Starkist Tuna Fish in Olive Oil. Decent but bland by itself...much milder with the olive oil.

Before eating the tuna, I thought, "I would LOVE some breadcrumbs or something to give it texture."

And then I thought of combining the 2 (sans creme)...

It really wasn't bad at all. There was a hint of lemon that came out with the cookie and it added a nice texture to it all as a whole. The sweetness was nice too (although I still wouldn't add the creme to this).

And, like I said, this isn't the best dish in the world - nor anything close to it. Some of you may even be dry heaving...but I think SOMETHING could come from this in the end. Some type of culinary attempt evolution could really sprout something fantastic - all because someone took a chance with 2 flavors that aren't traditionally matched!

Perhaps, some day, there'll be Cookie Crunch Fish Trucks on Hawaiian shores, selling fresh Thai salmon and crushed Tagalongs with a splash of coconut milk and a bit of fresh lemon grass.

And perhaps the dry heavers will take that first bite and think it's the most creative and fulfilling dish they've ever put their palate to.

And maybe they'll stop dry heaving and really produce something that time.

But I may like it. And I'm satisfied with that thought.

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