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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Saint Valentine, the Tiger got me!

I don't know why I even bother to come up with some excuse as to why I succumbed to the sweet and salty pleasures of unhealthy food this weekend? It's practically a broken record at this point.

And, with the title alone, you can probably figure that I was bad diet-wise, falling for TWO holidays that came together on Sunday - St. Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger - roar!).

But it honestly wasn't too horrible. Granted, there was a dessert during Friday night's dinner...and some wine...but the main entree of scallops balanced things out (fingers crossed).

Saturday's dim sum, on the other hand, was FAR from innocent.

The shrimp dumplings were, by far, the most innocent in a mess of fried shrimp, taro cakes, sticky rice in lotus leaf, pork dumplings and sticky buns filled with bbq pork.

We were sodiumated for sure!

And stuffed.

We did some ethnic grocery store shopping (Italian, Asian and German) afterward, but we were too full to want anything except something sweet from all the sodium. At the Italian store, she got a cookie and I got torrone. At the Asian store, I was thinking of loading up on some fun junk food. It was definitely filled with it during this festive day and tons of people.

But it was also sporting some long lines.

So I never did get this Durian Pudding I considered buying since their only fresh Durian cost 5 bucks a pound.

At the German store, we bought chocolate. Then we found more dessert for that evening in Tremont (scroll down).

We were honestly full for some time on Saturday after dim sum. When we finally did get hungry, we ended up eating burgers at a local bar/restaurant and mine came with a plump potato pirogi inside (a nice touch with the sour cream).

Then at home, the Tremont dessert awaited...

Salted caramel cupcake!!

But that's been the worst of it...really. This morning I had some grainy German bread topped with a chipotle pepper, egg white omelet, avocado and butter cheese.

Not so colorful top.

More colorful inside.

Other foods included steamed broccoli, chicken, and walnuts.

Diet food.

But, in my next entry, I'll tell you about the olive oil pancakes....


  1. I read the burger/pierogi part...and I'm thinking you went to Fatheads Brewery? Just a guess!

    Loved the pics with this entry!!

  2. Thanks, Danielle!
    Actually the burger is from Church Street Bar and Grille in Amherst.