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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kristian's Incredible Adventure - Conclusion


Day 4: Monday, March 19, 2012

I checked in at my hotel near the Kansas City airport and got ready to go out for my last meal at a good barbeque joint.

Of course, being Kansas City, there were plenty of good barbeque joints and some with such long histories and adamant fans that it was difficult to determine where I should go.

Eventually, I went with the advice of my uncle and drove into town for a little Gates Bar-B-Q.

Ordering was a little tricky because I didn't see anything on the menu that read as a half slab. Instead, there were "short end" and "long end" ribs.

I felt lost and confused.

Fortunately, no one was in line behind me and the girl patiently suggested that I get the short end.

"Are they babyback?" I asked.
"No," she answered. "But they're meatier than the long end."

But now that I have a computer, I can explain the difference to you. Here, in fact, is a quote from

Short end ribs and long end ribs. In many rib joints you can order a half slab, and you never know which end you'll get. In restaurants in Kansas City you can usually specify the end you want. On a slab of spareribs, the bones on one end are longer than on the other. The first six ribs from the shoulder back are the long end ribs. The short end has the last seven or eight bones. The short end is slightly meatier and slightly more tender. The short end typically costs $1 more there.

Here are the short end ribs and a small sweet potato pie I got.

And were they ever good!

In fact, as I started eating the ribs...

...I noticed that the bread underneath was garnished with pickles... I pulled some meat off the bone and added some sauce for bread tacos.

My final meal in Kansas City was a great success!


By the time I returned the car the next day, I had easily driven 1,200 miles... a figure 8 route through America's Midwest.

It was an incredible 4 days (YES - only 4 days!) and one that only made me want to travel more.

In fact, if you can go out and travel, whether locally or internationally, get out there and have a blast!

Talk to the people. Eat the local food. Learn the history. Be open. Be spontaneous. Have fun.

And just explore!

I hope, by reading my adventure, there's a part of you that, even now, is contemplating an adventure all your own.



  1. I'm ALWAYS up for a trip - especially a road trip! They are so much fun. Vacation is my favorite!! So glad your trip was a success. You really did cram a TON into only 4 days. I'm sad the journey is over - it was fun reading about it.

  2. Gates is where I ate when I was in KC in January. Nothing like the BBQ here. In fact I told my friend it was a lil too hot for me and we had the gentle sweet sauce! ha!