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Thursday, September 30, 2010

73.) Germantown Pretzel Festival - September 25, 2010

In an attempt to have your festival experience better, I have moved all festival reviews to a new site -

But fear not! You can still read about the Germantown Pretzel Festival at this address –


  1. Kristian
    I think you should do a post on the top 10 fair foods / dishes you have eaten this summer and a list of your top 10 festivals.
    How many are you up to this year?

  2. Thanks for the post, Bethia.

    Once things calm down, I will actually do that. I'll also do a calculation of the number of miles I've traveled in order to go to all of these festivals (I just don't want to know just poor car).

    At this moment, I'm up to 80 (the others will be posting day-by-day). It may be around 88 by year's end.

  3. I just now received the link to your blog. I am really impressed with your take on our Germantown Pretzel Festival. The photos are great and I am glad you found all the pretzel supplier's booths. We always hear comments from folks who can't seem to find the pretzels. Thanks for all the great press on your blog. I hope you return again and again.

    Jerry Harting, Treasurer, Germantown Festival, Inc.