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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bonus 1 - Ohio State Fair - Columbus - July 31, 2010

As you can see by the title, I'm considering the Ohio State Fair as a "bonus" and not as a festival. Basically this is because the fair is a different animal.
  1. They're always a community celebration (general), as opposed to a specific town product, idea, or holiday.
  2. They involve livestock (how many animal pics do you want to see?).
  3. They always have an admission fee.
  4. The food is typically more commercial and/or carnival-esque.

But I did have fun at the Ohio State Fair. Here are my experiences broken up into easy-to-read sections...

The Typical Sites

The entrance

The midway

Tons of Rides

The Atypical Sites

Lego Dude


Tomb of Doom

The Food I Saw

Delicious Icees!

Fried and stuck.

The Food I Ate

Spiral Chips with Cheese and Bacon

Chicago Style Dog

Feathered Critters

Horned Critters

At the goat playground

Deceptively Charming Critters


Deceptively charming?

Buttered Critters

For one hell of a lobster fest!

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