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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

4.) Spring Greek Festival - Lorain, Ohio - May 21, 2010

In an attempt to have your festival experience better, I have moved all festival reviews to a new site -

But fear not! You can still read about the Spring Greek Festival at this address –


  1. The gyro pick-up was a great thing. it was fabulous to have them for a couple of days after. I am still craving them. --julia

  2. I flew out of Greece to Germany once after a mission and had mousaka for the first time on the flight. Best airplane meal ever. Didn't hurt that Lufthansa business class gets you access to their lounge during layover and dessert was a variety of German beers.

    Ever since working the LC Band booth at the Intl Festival and getting hooked on gyros, every town I go to I have to find a place that serves them. Thanks, now I'm starving.